meet your personal
digital audio guide.
Explainit is your personal audio guide which helps you to explore the world of art in the easiest way.
Say no to boring long reads!
Just put on your headphones and listen to unique stories about pieces of art.

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Explainit app uses the latest technologies to identify an object and activate its audio description recorded by a guide, curator, or artists themselves.
Do you want to provide the visitors to your museum, art gallery, or open-air exhibit with an interesting & customized experience? It is possible with Explainit!
How Explainit works:
Depending on the applied technology, the objects can be recognized in 3 ways:
Image recognition:
the user opens Explainit, points the phone at the object and the app starts playing an audio note. This method is ideal for recognizing 2D objects, both indoors and outdoors.

Bluetooth radio transmitters (beacons) or geolocation:
the app guides the users to the objects and plays audio recordings which inform them about what they can see around and what they should pay attention to. This technology is suitable for both 2D and 3D objects in big closed spaces (beacons) or open air (geolocation).
QR codes recognition (both external or generated by Explainit):
the audio recording is activated by pointing the phone at the QR code. This method is suitable for both 2D and 3D objects, installations, books, and other items, both indoors and outdoors.
What you can do with Explainit:
Edit the content
on your own

Extend, edit or remove descriptions and audio recordings with an easy-to-use CMS platform.
Create diverse content
for several audiences

Provide separate content or complete tours for different target audiences (e.g. art connoisseurs, children or teen visitors) that activate themselves by turning on the filter in the application.
Attach links
to side content

Expand descriptions with additional info or audio-visual materials by adding external links.

Provide visitors with an interactive map which will make it easy for them to navigate through a building or exhibition venue (available soon).
education tool

Conduct interesting workshops for children and youth – the easy-to-use function of recording personal notes allows them to create and share their object descriptions and opinions.
Get access to
a single platform
for many partners
Join a universal platform with an ever-growing number of museums and galleries which provides all art lovers with direct access to info about exhibits in a selected city or region.
Why it is worth using Explainit:
No equipment
maintenance costs

A traditional audio guide requires dedicated equipment, regular maintenance, battery change and keeping it clean and all that means additional costs.
Comfort & safety
of visitors

Individual visiting with the use of one's smartphone with Explainit app is more hygienic and therefore more comfortable and safe for your visitors.
Multilingual content
in one device

The same content can be translated into several languages and the app itself is launched automatically in the language of your device.
Accessible to the blind
and visually impaired

Easy-to-use interface is completely integrated with a screen reader which guides the user through all the application window.

The Internet is needed only to download the app. All the necessary data can be downloaded any time, wherever you are – event at home or a hotel.
Additional source of income
for your venue

It's you who decides whether your visitors use Explainit for an extra charge or for free.
Test how
Explainit works
Test our app using QR recognition

For iOS/Android:
- download an Explainit app,
- open an app and scan the QR code on the right
- listen to audio and press the play button to hear the next audios

Download an app and test it using the example below.
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