Explore the world of art in the easiest way

What is Explainit?
Explainit - is the app with an image recognition system and audio notes which helps you to explore audio information about paintings in galleries, exhibits in museums and other touristic objects.
It's like your personal guide which helps you to explore the world of art.
Say no to boring longreads!
Just put on your headphones, point at what interests you and listen to unique stories about pieces of art

Painting recognition
As soon as you open an app, it starts to search for images continuously.

Recognition system matches an image which it sees through the camera with images from database according to geo position.

When current image is recognised, the corresponding area in a preview mode will be highlighted and attached voice note will be played.

Content creation
To create your own content just point your phone at some object in a camera preview mode, hold record button and say the voice note. The voice note will be tagged using geolocation, user presets (like language) and image itself.
Content editing
User may edit unrestrictedly any own created entry and he/she may edit some last played entries in restricted editing mode.

Each entry contains such attributes like:

• Language
• Categories (e.g. Informative, Fun etc.)
• Some flags (e.g. Headset only content for museums)

You can also create a series of connected stories with one topic

App recognizes QR code placed near a painting and starts to play a series of audio notes

The QR code can be scanned both with Explainit app and with a standard camera app on your iPhone

Point an app at the painting and slowly lead the phone across the painting

Technical realisation
The whole system is divided into a central server storing the content and user's smartphone using our app. Users access the system using app.
Why you should use Explainit App?
It's free
Totally free to use for anyone
Simple in use
Information about art is now accessible for everyone as never before - just point your phone at the painting and listen to the voice note
Global community
Allows to become a part of a global creators' community
Allows museums, art galleries and tourist centers create their own smartphone based audio guides in any language instead of dedicated hardware
Content creation
Allows to create content in the easiest way - just point your phone at any object and say what you know about it
Offline mode - you can download data at home or hotel and it will work when you're abroad
Start using Explainit for free
Explainit is available for free on the App Store