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The exhibition of the Hyslom collective "Itte Kaette. Back and forth"

ExplainIt become a partner of Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art ranks among the most important and prestigious contemporary art museums in Poland, with nearly 1500 artistic event including exhibitions, concerts and workshops held there annually. hyslom collective’s exhibition (more info below) is planned to be the first of the whole series of upcoming Ujazdowski’s Castle’s exhibitions where Explainit will be used!

The exhibition Itte kaette: Back and Forth comprises 6 large-format installations constructed in 5 halls on the ground floor and in the courtyard of Ujazdowski Castle. Each reflects the experiences of travelling with a stone that the hyslom collective carried across Poland and Europe.

A journey with a stone & its transformation into the form of an exhibition is a story about memory, power and the agency of matter: bodies, landscape, objects.

Itte kaette in Japanese means " back and forth ". This constant change, movement, and the method of collective action, created by Kato Itaru, Fuminori Yoshida Yu Hoshino. The installations have been made from materials used in construction and transport — traversing the world back and forth, returning to the same places but in a new form — made of wood, sand, water and transport boxes.

Listen to the stories of the Japanese artists from hyslom collective: Itaru, Fuminori and Yuu describing their journey back and forth and how the exhibition at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art was developed.

Launch Explainit App on iOS and scan the codes. Or just scan the QR codes using phone.

Photos: Yoshiyuki Uchibori

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