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Explainit is a mobile application which helps you to access audio recordings accompanying books in the easiest way

Say no to CDs or mp3s played on a computer. Just take your smartphone and listen to the audio recordings which you can activate simply by pointing the phone at an illustration or task in a book. No tedious search or additional equipment needed - the technology of image recognition does it all!
Thanks to the use of the latest technology, Explainit mobile app identifies and plays audio recordings simply by pointing a smartphone camera at a selected fragment of a book.
Do you wish to provide your students with easy and convenient access to audio recordings? It's possible with Explainit!
How Explainit works:
Depending on the technology used, objects can be recognized by:
Image recognition:
the user opens Explainit, points the phone at a photo or image in a book, and the application starts playing an audio recording. This method doesn't require any interference with an already published book.
QR code recognition:
the user points the phone at a QR code nearby an illustration or task in a book, and the application starts playing an audio recording. This method is suitable for publications in which it's possible to integrate QR codes with the content of books.
What can you do with Explainit?

Extend the description of a given task in a book with a video or additional information from your website by adding external links
Access the additional materials
Provide additional materials for printing or downloading on a phone, e.g. dialogue scripts or vocabulary lists which will help students to learn the new material faster
Edit the recordings

Thanks to an easy-to-use CMS platform you can update, edit, or expand the recordings or provide links with additional context material.
Implement quickly

Explainit can be implemented in the already published books with no interference with their content. In this way, you can offer your students a modern and convenient tool with little or no effort at all!
Why it is worth using Explainit:
Simple to use
Finding the right audio track on a CD or a website takes time and can be troublesome. The application provides instant access to a particular recording with no effort at all.
Works on a smartphone
Traditional coursebook with a CD or mp3 recordings requires a computer or audio player which can be at times inconvenient. Explainit uses the equipment everyone has on them - their own smartphones!
Works offline
The Internet is needed only to download the app. Once it's activated, Explainit downloads all the necessary data in no time. The data can also be downloaded any time, wherever you are and whenever you have an Internet connection.
Saves money
Explainit allows you to save money on CDs and can also be the additional source of income for your business - it is you who decides whether your students will pay for the application or get it for free.
Explainit is a convenient tool for everyone - getting access to audio recordings
from a book has never been so easy!

Do you wish to make it easier for your readers to use your publications
and additionally save time and money required for the production of CDs?

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